RadioWest is taking a break for the summer, starting May 27. Read a letter from Doug below, sign up for our newsletter and watch our podcast feed for the staff’s all-time favorite episodes. Then, see you at the end of the summer!

A message from Doug:


Hi Everyone,

I’m writing to say that RadioWest is taking a break. Not a long break, a few months. Think of it as a summer vacation. We’ve been doing the show for 18 years now and I like to think we’ve maintained a level of quality that has kept you listening. I hope we’ve brought you stories and conversations that mattered to you. But, I think it’s always a good idea every once in a while to step back and look closely at the work you’ve been doing, just to make sure you’re getting it right. That’s what we’ll be doing — asking ourselves questions about what’s working and what’s not.  

Our break will begin on that unofficial start of summer — Memorial Day, May 27.

We’re mindful of the listeners, donors, community organizations and so many others who have supported us over the years. Some of you might feel disappointed, but we think this will be worth it to you. Besides, we’ll be checking in, keeping you in the loop throughout the summer with regular email updates and on social media (I really need to work on my Instagram/Twitter game.) We’ll be hosting informal gatherings and listening sessions through the summer, so If you’d like to be on the list for any of these, please let us know. In that way, we hope to bring you along on this process of reflection. Besides, we wouldn’t have made it this far without your support and feedback.

So, this isn’t a goodbye, it’s like what you wrote in your friend’s high school yearbook about hoping they have a great summer and that you’ll see them in the fall. I know you’ll have questions about the particulars, including the lineup for our new summer program schedule. If I’ve left something out, send me an email.

In keeping with my yearbook analogy, I’ll sign off by saying stay cool and thanks,